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Phyto-Aromatic Mist


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2 in stock

Product Description

Repair and Rejuvenate Flaky and Dehydrated Skin on Face and Body

Skin dehydration is a skin condition where the skin lacks water, a key factor of early signs of aging. If your skin looks dull, has new superficial fine lines and feels tight and itchy, chances are your skin may be dehydrated. Sun exposure, dry climates, and air travel can compound skin dehydration, making measures to prevent moisture loss essential for maintaining skin health and comfort. Drinking water helps hydrate your body from the inside out, but as the skin is the largest organ and last organ to receive water and nutrients, it needs natural skin care products that increase the skin’s moisture content from the outside in.

For those who don’t like the feeling of a rich skin care cream or body moisturizer, the Pevonia Phyto-Aromatic Mist is an excellent alternative. The lightweight texture and the ease of using this natural skin care spray make it an ideal way to address the skin’s moisture content without any residue. Tote this post-sun, travel, office, and gym companion wherever you go for a quick soothing refresh on your face and body any time of day.


  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Chamomile
  • Aloe
  • Calendula
  • Rose


  • Refreshes, renews, and soothes
  • Deeply moisturizes before and after sun exposure and during travel
  • Great post-peels to calm the skin, seals in make-up

DIRECTIONS FOR HOME USE: Use as needed. Spray all over skin after sun exposure. Can also be used to seal and encourage longer lasting make-up or to refresh the skin at any time. (Excellent to ward off dryness during air travel.)

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